Dymo XTL 300 Kit Driver & Software Download

Dymo XTL 300 Kit Driver & Software Download

Dymo XTL 300 Kit Driver & Software Download

OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7 (Windows 32bit - Windows 64bit)
Source: http://www.dymo.com/

Download 85.9MB - Software & Drivers v1.2 for XTL™ 300 Kit

Dymo XTL 300 Kit Driver & Software Download

Review -The XTL 300 is the 500 little bit of brother. It does nearly all the very same attributes however in a smaller sized plan. That prints tape measure to 24mm wide in an assortment of components, has a colour monitor, a clicky QWERTY keyboard and also rechargeable electric battery.

If you have actually certainly not review my review of the Dymo XTL 300 Kit  at that point you are going to be incredibly aware of this ink-jet printer. I will definitely maintain this customer review succinct so as certainly not to repeat on my own as the XTL 500 as well as 300 are really similar however the differences are definitely opposite sides from the range.

Dymo XTL 300 Kit Driver & Software - Very first thing you see is the size. Unlike the much bigger XTL FIVE HUNDRED this can effortlessly be actually kept in one hand. The FIVE HUNDRED has been confused for a desktop computer ink-jet printer due to its own measurements. The 300 is actually also around THOUSAND grams lighter at only 1.1 Kg (along with battery, without tape).

The principal differences on the 300 from the 500 include:
  • A non-replaceable manual cutter
  • Smaller non-touch colour screen
  • Max strip width of 24mm
  • Much smaller ability electric battery (almost a third of the capability).
  • Virtually half the body weight.
  • No bring handle however includes a wrist band.
  • On call in a set along with an instance or even by itself.

This is actually probably the smallest hand-held ink-jet printer on the market that produces QR codes (correct me if I mistake). As much as the QR codes look little and also less thorough than I would anticipate to become legible, the barcode scanning device on my phone could check all of them in below a second.

The consumables.
This takes just the same consumables but merely around 24mm. Heat reduce tubes, cord covers, vinyl; these are going to all do work in this ink-jet printer but it's to opting for the right measurements. (Don't forget our heatshrink tubes personal digital assistant!).

The GUI.
That is actually almost the like the 500. There's no touchscreen so the GUI differs somewhat with the placement of on-screen buttons. You possess four buttons along the bottom from the screen which will compare along with exactly what you view on the monitor. As an example a dialog package will definitely possess "Conscientious" at the bottom left as well as "OK" near the bottom right. This implies the far left behind and also far best switches will definitely do that function. Both center ones in some cases do the same of closest switch yet are going to do nothing unless labelled.

That is actually still equally fast (or "as slow") as the FIVE HUNDRED at launching once this's jogging after that the speed is adequate. I could have cannot mention this on the previous evaluation, but the problem in between pushing print and also this in fact publishing can easily leave you presuming momentarily if you pressed the switch hard sufficient. A small amount from perseverance is actually needed with using this printer.

Along with the boot rate being the slowest aspect of this laser printer, you could desire to shut down the "automotive off" function. By nonpayment this is actually set to 10 minutes but you can modify it to lesser (10 minutes need to possess been the most affordable in my opinion) or off. I reckon from the electric battery saving component of it, it makes good sense but I will discover it annoying.

Last Judgment.
The general measurements of the color printer is near but no smoke in my opinion. Much like when the iPhone 6 was first released, this appears extremely high for its own width. The hairstyle button is too huge and also the push button to open the cassette area is also small and also much too strong. The QWERTY computer keyboard is great for someone with bigger fingers in comparison to mine, they could struggle. I would certainly wonder to view for how long the cutter in the cutter machine lasts as this's changeable in the FIVE HUNDRED as well as certainly not this. I've observed the electric battery lifestyle decreases even when its own switch off on both styles, so this's worth noting you could desire to maintain it on fee at all times you're not using this. The absence of touchscreen is actually no big deal as this works wonderfully properly with the arrow buttons as well as the switches around the display screen. Imprint rate and responsiveness is great with the exception of boot up time and the delay in between pushing print and also in fact publishing. My overall credit rating needs to be considered as a high 7 but almost an 8. I know all my testimonials seem fairly harsh but I will not sugar-coat one thing that isn't worthy from its own rating. The electric battery lifestyle, dimension and some performance is the score-killer; or else it is actually terrific as well as I will actually encourage this color printer as well as the bigger XTL FIVE HUNDRED if your spending plan will definitely flex much good enough.

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